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The story of how AutoEd began

Some time ago, Mike's sister was having to drive from Brisbane to Maryborough (a modest 3 hour journey), twice a week as a single mother. She relied on road-side assistance alone and was worried about the possibility of breaking down in a dead spot near Gympie, or potentially having a flat battery in her phone while she travelled. She wouldn’t have known what to do in such a situation. With children in the car and occasionally traveling at night, this added a much higher level of concern.  

This inspired the concept and creation of AutoEd. Mike would now develop courses that would teach and empower drivers to know how to maintain their own vehicles, reduce road accidents and road toll, prevent vehicle breakdowns and give the ability to get out of common break-down situations - without relying on a 'kind' stranger to stop and help. 

Mike began providing face to face lessons with students, but quickly realised we needed to go online and share this course with as many new drivers as possible. So the Road Hero Course was born.

Mike and the team are passionate regarding safety and want to see YOU well equipped so that you and your loved ones can stay safe on the road. 

Safe driving,

The team at AutoEd 

Social proof: testimonials

“My daughter can now change a tyre, jump start a car safely, check fluid levels, prevent a breakdown and more. My child is now a safer and well equipped driver thanks to AutoEd”

Sam, Single MumSam, Single Mum

“Since completing the Autoed course, I've found I have so much more confidence within myself! I feel accomplished, empowered and independent. I no longer struggle when dealing with mechanics, auto salesmen and other professionals within the car industry. This course and the information provided have been invaluable and I can't wait to teach my daughter everything I now know once she is older!”

Beth, Single MumBeth, Single Mum

“I didn't realise how much I didn't actually know until I did the Road Hero Course! The course content is really thorough, but not so detailed that it went over my head. I feel much more confident with this extra knowledge!”

Tamar, 41 year old mumTamar, 41 year old mum